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Customer Survey

At Magic Minit we are committed to providing premium service and the ultimate experience in customer satisfaction. Helping us with the following survey will enable us to receive direct feedback from our most valuable source, our customers.

Your input is very valuable and will enable us to serve you better and exceed your future needs.

Thank you again for visiting our web site and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Customer Name:
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Which Location/s do you use?

 159 Prospect Hill Road East Windsor, CT 06088
 290 Enfield Street Enfield, Ct 06082
 570 Enfield Street Enfield, CT 06082
 585 Hazard Avenue Enfield, CT 06082 (Scitico Plaza)
Please rate the following questions on a scale of 1-5:
5 being the best possible rating.
Were you satisfied that the equipment you used worked properly?
Did you interact with any of our sales personnel, and if so were you happy with the service?
Was the facility you visited visually appealing, i.e. clean, neat?
In comparison to other car washes that you use, how would you rate Magic Minit?
If you had a Magic Minit Detail Service, how would you rate your satisfaction?
Your opinion is truly important to us!
Please provide any additional comments or feedback below.

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